League Constitution

Regina Steel Tip Pub Dart League

2017 Constitution/Rules Of Play

(as of League Meeting from Nov. 19, 2017 – with amendments)

1.0 – Venues

A venue is a location where league play will take place and must provide the following:

1.01 – Proper lighting

1.02 – Fairly new dart boards (preferably 2 or more boards, hung as per proper measurements)

1.03 – An unobstructed/non-distracting throwing area

1.1 – Should a league member feel that a venue is not providing one of the above, they can advise the League Executive, however, all scheduled league matches will continue to be played at that venue until the League Executive rules otherwise.

1.2 – All league matches are to be played at the assigned venues as per the league schedule as put forth by the League Executive and posted on the league website. Only under extreme circumstances should a match be moved to another venue at the discretion of the involved players, and should such a decision be made, then it must be agreed to by both Team Captains.

2.0 – Teams/Legal Lineups

A team of 4 or more registered players is considered to be a legal team once 2 or more of those registered players (or spares) have arrived to play.

2.1 – If more players arrive for the team after the start of league play, they cannot join in until the current game is over.

2.11 – Absolutely no switching, replacing, or adding players in mid game. All changes to lineup must be done after the current game is over. (7.01 below)

2.2 – There is no maximum number of players that a team can play in a night, but all players must be a fully registered player for that team.

2.3 – A registered team player is one who has supplied their full contact info (name, mailing address including postal code, phone number & date of birth, this info is used for your SDA membership) and paid their full team league fees to their Team Captain.

2.4 – In the event that there are only 2 players present for a team for a league matchup, the following shall apply:

        2.41 – Team 1001 match will use 2 Doe scores as per the Doe score rules (as outlined in 8.0 below)

        2.42 – Doubles 501 matches will use 1 player and 1 Doe score as per the Doe score rules (as outlined in 8.0 below)

2.43 – A team that is missing 2 players cannot put 2 Doe scores together to form 1 set of doubles

2.5 – In the event that there are only 3 players present for a team for a league matchup, the following shall apply:

        2.51 – Team 1001 match will use 1 Doe score as per the Doe score rules (as outlined in 7.0 below)

        2.52 – Doubles 501 matches will use 1 player and 1 Doe score for one set of doubles, and 2 real players for the other set of doubles

3.0 – Team Captain Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to perform the following duties through the course of a season for his team:

        3.01 – Collect all league fees from all players on the team and submit it to the League Executive in a timely manner or by any deadlines as set forth at the AGM

        3.02 – Collect all spare fees from any spare players used throughout the season and if it is the first time a spare is being used, it is that Team Captain’s responsibility to collect and submit all contact info to the League Executive in a timely manner (as per 2.3 above & 9.2 & 9.3 below)

        3.03 – Attempt to ensure that their team mates are present at the scheduled league matches on time

        3.04 – At the end of the night of league play, go over the score sheet, ensuring that the scores are accurate and that no high scores have been missed

        3.05 – Once 3.04 is confirmed, signature of the Team Captain will endorse that the night’s score sheet is accurate and final and no further changes can be made

        3.06 – Arrange to have the score sheet submitted to the League Executive/Statistician in a timely manner

        3.07 – Make any arrangements for any rescheduled matches in a timely manner as per the rules set out (as per 4.0 below)

        3.08 – Bring any issues to the League Executive in a timely manner as the urgency of the situation warrants.

        3.09 – Work together with the opposing Team Captain to resolve any issues that arise through the night, including but not limited to interpretation of rules

4.0 – Start Time/Reschedules

All league play starts at 7:30 with a 15-minute grace period to get your matches underway. If there is only 1 or no players from the opposing team present by the end of the grace period, that team will automatically forfeit the match.

4.1 – It is possible to start at an earlier or different time if enough notice is given to all players involved and BOTH Team Captains agree.

4.2 – Should both Team Captains agree ahead of time that their match will be rescheduled, they have until the completion of the current session to get their match played. If not played in time, then the team that originally asked to have the match rescheduled will forfeit that match.

4.3 – The definition of the “end of current session” is the end of the final week of regular play for that session. You cannot reschedule a match for the week between regular season and playoffs without the League Executive’s permission.

5.0 – Forfeiting Rules

If a team asks to have their match rescheduled because they cannot make it, it is solely up to the Team Captain of the other team to agree to reschedule or potentially have the other team forfeit their match. We urge that if there has been an effort made to notify the other team at least 2 hours prior to the start of the match, that an attempt to reschedule is made by both Team Captains.

5.1 – If a team forfeits a match, the following shall be applied:

5.11 – The forfeiting team automatically loses the night and will receive no wins and the standings will show as if they lost 29-0

5.12 – The opposing team will automatically win the night 15-0 or whatever their team average for wins are at that time through the course of the session

5.13 – No stats for any other category other than standings will be affected (other than the loss of play for everyone involved)

5.14 – If the forfeit happens on week 1 of a session the opposing team will win 15-0, however if the opposing team is a strong team and only getting 16 wins for the night affects their playoff standings, a recalculation can be made at the end of the session to use the average win instead. But this must be done at the request of the opposing team’s Captain only and in a timely manner. The League Executive will not automatically do this.

5.2 – In the event that a team is a complete “no show”, it is the opposing team’s responsibility to contact and notify the League Executive, at which point the League Executive will contact the offending team and try to resolve the situation before a forfeit is officially put in place. The League Executive will do everything they can to ensure that all games are played rather than forfeited.

5.3 – If a team forfeits 3 times in a season, the League Executive has the option to remove the team from the league and not return any league fees.

5.4 – Any issues with attendance by any team should be brought to the League Executive’s attention immediately.

6.0 – Matchups (as of 2021/2022 Season)

31 games will constitute a full night of league play

6.01 – One game of team 1001

6.02 – Twelve games of doubles 501

6.03 – Sixteen games of singles 501

6.1 – All games are fly/straight in and double out

6.2 – To determine who starts the singles 501 matches, (starting in the 2017 season) coin flips will no longer be used, instead a Bull Up or Diddle will be used.

6.3 – The procedure for a Bull Up or Diddle is as follows:

6.31 – Home team player has choice of throwing first or having his opponent throw first

6.32 – Each player throws 1 dart at the bull, both players look at the throw and agree who is closest to center of double bull

6.33 – Closest to the center of the double bull goes first

6.34 – If after the first throw neither player can determine who is closest to the bull, each player will remove their dart and will throw again in the opposite order than the first time they threw. Repeat steps 6.32 & 6.33 above. Repeat until a clear winner is determined

6.4 – The Bull Up or Diddle will be used to determine who starts the 3rd match in team 701, and each set of the double 501

7.0 – Player lineups

Teams with more than 4 registered players can substitute players between games in 1001 & double 501, provided the following rules are adhered to:

7.01 – Players cannot be switched mid match. Any substitutions must be done after the current match is over.

7.02 – In the case that a player must leave mid match due to an emergency, a doe score (as outlined in 8.0 below) must be used for that player’s score until the match is completed, after the match is complete, any registered player for that team (or spare if he is the 4th player) may be substituted for the player that had to leave.

7.03 – When switching players in doubles 501, the same players cannot play the same opposing players more than once a night.

7.04 – Players cannot be switched up in single 501 games, if you start the night as H1 or V2, you stay that designation until the end of the full match

7.1 – “Occasionally” and only if both Team Captains agree, a player can play all his singles matches in a row to get finished early

8.0 – Doe score

Doe score to be taken is 26 points per round, until the score hits 99, then Doe score is no longer taken. If the score is 100, you still take the Doe score, then the human player takes over for the Doe.

8.1 – Team 1001 games with 2 players missing will have 2 human players taking Doe scores in between turns until that team’s score reaches 99, at that point, the 2 human players will rotate through the sequence replacing the Doe scores

8.2 – Team 1001 games with 1 player missing will have 3 human players taking a Doe score at the end of their collective turn until that team’s score reaches 99, at that point the 3 human players will rotate through the sequence replacing the Doe score

8.3 – Doubles 501 games will have 1 human player taking a Doe score in between turns until that set of doubles’ score reaches 99, at that point, the 1 human player will rotate through the sequence replacing the Doe score

8.4 – When deducting the Doe score from the team score, it must be a separate entry, do not just add 26 to the previous player’s score. The previous player’s score must be subtracted from the total score before the Doe score can be subtracted

8.5 – Single 501 matches, all Doe spots will receive a loss, with the appropriate opponent getting a singles win for that match

9.0 – Spare Players

A spare player may be used to replace a registered team member who will not be at the scheduled matchup, provided they pay the spare fee and submit all contact information (as per 2.3 outlined above) to the Team Captain of the team that they are sparing for.

9.1 – A spare fee currently is $5/night up to a maximum of $25. Once a spare has paid $25 they are no longer required to pay any more fees and are considered to be a fully paid league spare. An attempt to track how much a spare has paid will be made on the League Spare List on the league website

9.2 – A spare who has not paid the spare fee or submitted their contact info to the Team Captain of the team they are playing for will not be considered a registered spare until a member of the League Executive receives the aforementioned fee/contact info. If this is the case, then that team who the spare first played for shall not be eligible to play in playoffs until/unless the spare fee and contact info is submitted to the League Executive by the Team Captain. The League Executive will monitor all spare player usage and will govern accordingly.

9.3 – It is the Team Captain’s responsibility of the team that originally brings the spare into league play to obtain not just the spare fee for that night, but the full contact info (as per 2.3 outlined above) and submit to the League Executive in a timely manner.

9.4 – It is the Team Captain’s responsibility of any subsequent teams that the spare plays for to obtain the spare fee if applicable and submit it to the League Executive in a timely manner

9.5 – The spare must pay $5 to play for the night, but it is completely optional for the spare to have their name/contact info included on the League Spare List on the league website. As long as they pay their spare fee each time, they can spare for just 1 team if they so wish. Although inclusion on the League Spare List on the league website is always encouraged.

9.6 – Spare players are not eligible to receive any team awards or trophies, but are eligible to receive individual awards, as per the League Executive’s discretion.

9.7 – A spare player cannot be a team’s 5th player for the evening.

9.8 – Barring extenuating circumstances, illness or emergency, a spare cannot be swapped out for a registered player or another spare during that evening’s play. Once a spare starts a league matchup, he/she must complete that evening’s matches. Even if the person they are sparing for ends up being able to make it later.

10.0 – Prizes and Awards

The League Executive shall keep track of all statistics through the year and will hand out trophies or awards based on the following criteria:

10.1 – Division Champions – are the teams who win the playoffs and are considered to be Division Champions of their respective division

10.11 – Approximately $50/player will be set aside for all teams who are Division Champions, actual prizes to be determined at the AGM (Annual General Meeting – held between the end of one season and the start of the next season)

10.2 – Male Darter with highest positive winning percentage (50%+) based on minimum of 75% of the last session played. (Individual Achievement)

10.3 – Female Darter with highest positive winning percentage (50%+) based on minimum of 75% of the last session played. (Individual Achievement)

10.4 – Highest Out, Male (Individual Achievement) (League Executive’s discretion)

10.5 – Highest Out, Female (Individual Achievement) (League Executive’s discretion)

10.6 – Most 180’s (Individual Achievement). (League executive’s discretion to hand this trophy out to Male and Female if warranted)

10.7 – Most 140’s, Male (Individual Achievement)

10.8 – Most 140’s, Female (Individual Achievement)

10.9 – 180 pins will be awarded to all players scoring and registering a perfect score of 180 at any time during that season of league play

10.10 – 171 pins may be awarded to all players scoring and registering a score of 171 at any time during that season of league play (pin availability as well League Executive’s discretion factor into this award)

10.11 – Individual achievements for highest winning percentage will be based only on the 2nd session of league play

10.12 – Other awards such as High Outs, Highest scores etc., will be based on the full season of league play including playoffs

10.13 – The Most Improved Player will be determined by the League Statistician and may not be handed out every year